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Pickup Request
    cflPickupShipper To arrange your Urgent shipment and obtain an authorization number, please call Customer Care at 1-800-561-5555.
    Please click here for COMPLETE Urgent Service Information.
    Please click here for IMPORTANT Overnight Information. Delivered by 9:00AM based upon Service Standard.
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    Delivered by Noon based upon Service Standard.
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    Please ensure the "Shipper Phone" number is for the actual shipping location as this will affect pickup scheduling.
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    • Temperature control is not available with your selected level of service.
    A two hour window between ready and close time is required to book your pickup on-line. For shipments not meeting this criteria, please contact Customer Care.
    Any request received after 2:00PM local time (at shipping location) may be considered a next working day pickup.
    For international shipments, please ensure all customs documents are complete.
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    If your shipment contains dangerous or hazardous goods, please remember to check the "DG" column.
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    If your shipment includes skids/pallets, are they standard size (4ft x 4ft)?
    Entering dimensions for non-standard size pallets will allow us to provide proper equipment with sufficient floor space to accommodate your request.

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    This one-time rate quote is for customers without pricing or credit.

    Customers with established pricing please sign in to MY CF for a quote based on your rate agreement.

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