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Urgent Service

Canadian Freightways Urgent Service

For emergency situations when you need the fastest, most precise service available. Your shipment takes top priority and is delivered at the exact date and time you require.

You will receive automatic pre-notification of any delivery challenge, and if we deliver late, you don't pay.

To Arrange A Canadian Freightways Urgent Shipment

* Please Refer to Canadian Freightways Urgent Guidelines, as certain exceptions may apply.

We promise to deliver Urgent shipments on or before the date and time you request. If the delivery is not made at or prior to the required time, the net charges on the freight bill (after discount and excluding Supply Chain or Service charges) will be automatically cancelled. You do not need to file a claim. Canadian Freightways Urgent service is subject to the following provisions:

  • The service is void if the shipper does not have the shipment(s) ready at the agreed upon pickup time or if the consignee is unable to accept the shipment(s) when the carrier arrives to execute delivery.
  • The service will not apply in circumstances where our equipment is involved in a vehicular accident or where weather, strikes, civil disturbances or acts of God make roads impassable or consignee's facilities inaccessible.
  • This service will not apply if Canada Customs or United States Customs delays the shipment, if correct customs documentation is not provided when required, or if the shipment is selected to move In Bond to destination.

Additional Restrictions

  • Due to the precise service coordination required for Canadian Freightways Urgent shipments, requests for service must be booked by calling our Canadian Freightways Business Centre (see above).
  • In the event of a late Canadian Freightways Urgent delivery, the Company's liability is limited to the transportation cost. Canadian Freightways cannot be held responsible for incidental, consequential or special damages.

* Canadian Freightways retains the right to cancel, change or otherwise amend this service without notice.

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