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    Canadian Freightways Website Privacy Policy

    Canadian Freightways respects your ability to make informed choices about the collection and uses of your personal information. We recognize the privacy of individuals with respect to their personal information. As such, we have developed the following privacy policy.

    What Information Do We Collect?

    The information we receive from you when you register for MyCanadianFreightways helps us to identify you and ensure that only YOU see private information pertaining to your shipments and accounts. The information that we collect in the Shipping Tools section directly relates to the task that you are requesting, such as filing a claim or requesting a pick-up. Our websites also automatically collect other information such as your IP address, the site that referred you to us and navigational information. This information is only used to analyze the effectiveness and usefulness of the site.

    How Do We Use the Information We Collect?

    As we collect and use information about our customers, we may contract with vendors to assist us in processing that information. These vendors are required to maintain the confidentiality of the information and are restricted from using the information for any purpose other than helping to provide services to Canadian Freightways customers. We never sell information to third parties that could be used to specifically identify an individual customer or group of customers. If we decide to use this information for any other purpose, we must and will obtain your further consent.

    The information that we collect that is both general and specific will be shared within our organization to perform the activities you've requested. In addition, individual data will be used to understand customer trends and requirements so that we can continue to provide a service that makes it easier for you to do business with us.

    How Do We Ensure Your Information is Protected?

    To protect your confidential business data, we perform a separate verification process for access to MyCanadianFreightways, including detailed shipment tracking, imaged documents and shipping charges. We regard our customers' confidential information as an asset that we protect against loss and unauthorized access by persons inside and outside our company.

    To ensure that your access to MyCanadianFreightways is up-to-date, a profile validation process requires that you confirm your access information every 3 months in order to continue using your online account. Every 3 months, when you log in to the site, you will be notified that it is time to renew your access. By clicking a link, you will be sent an email with a link to a validation page, where you can revalidate your account. If you do not validate your profile information within 90 days, your profile will be removed from our records.

    If you have any questions concerning this Privacy Policy, please click here: Contact Us