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    Advanced Online Shipping Tools

    MyCF Shipping Tools

    Prepare your shipments and follow them through to delivery online. Request a pickup, view your proof of delivery documents, and access reports. Online tools save you time, making your shipping process more efficient. Online information improves your inventory visibility, allowing you to more effectively manage your supply chain.

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    Detailed Tracking

    Look up current status or in-transit history of your shipment(s) using your:

    ● Canadian Freightways PRO number
    ● Bill of lading number
    ● Purchase order number
    ● Shipper’s number

    Tracking by Customer Number

    Gain visibility of all shipments inbound to or outbound from your location using your customer number and a date range.


    View and print signed proof of delivery and bills of lading documents, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Shipping Charges

    View a summary of your shipment charges without searching through paperwork.

    View Management Reports

    ● Shipment Summary – YTD count, weight, charges & on-time delivery performance
    ● Monthly Analysis – Monthly count, weight, charges and on-time performance plus breakdown by weight and lanes.
    ● Shipment Details – Individual shipment status, delivery date and time.
    ● Exception shipments – Late or damaged shipments.

    Email Report Data

    Have information automatically emailed to you daily, weekly or monthly.

    Rate Calculator for International Shipments

    Enter your discount along with weight, class, origin, and destination to instantly confirm a rate for your international shipment. Or, download a copy of SimplyRate, to perform rate calculations from your desktop.

    Request a Pickup

    Schedule pickups online at your convenience by submitting an online form. If your pickup is received before 2pm we will process it on the same business day. You will receive a confirmation number confirming receipt of your online form.

    File a claim

    File a loss of damage claim using the online form. The online form is sent directly to our Shipment Care Centre team, so they can process your claim quickly. You will receive a confirmation number confirming receipt of your online form.

    Transit Times

    Calculate a single transit time by entering zip, postal codes, or city names.

    Transit Time Summary Sheets

    When you need multiple transit times or service to a region, print a list of transit times from your location to destinations throughout North America.