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    CF Group of Companies is committed to the protection and preservation of the environment in all aspects of our business operations.


    To reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption our nationwide initiatives include:
    ○ Instituted anti-idling policy
    ○ Installation of engine management systems programmed for a maximum speed of 100km
    ○ Auxiliary heaters in new sleeper equipment
    ○ Maximized use of extended vehicle lengths (Rocky Mountain doubles, turnpike doubles and triple trailers)
    Conversion of all power units to extended life coolant removes the requirement to replace engine coolant.

    All power units in greater Vancouver area are voluntarily emissions tested.

    Bio-diesel demonstration project participant – Climate Change Central.

    In the summer of 2011 CF commenced testing of super single tires on 4 power units that run the overnight schedules between Edmonton and Vancouver and between Calgary and Vancouver.  Lower rolling resistance tires with an estimated benefit of 4%-6% improved fuel economy.

    Designated Management personnel from Fleet Services and Safety represent the company on government and industry task force GHG reduction initiatives.

    Underground fuel storage tanks have been removed at several sites, which have eliminated the risk of soil or groundwater contamination.

    The company has installed double containment above ground fuel storage tanks where throughput volumes warrant and use a card lock supplier in the remaining locations.

    Power unit tires are recapped and then used on trailing equipment.

    Friction reducing lubricants are now used in line haul power units, which have extended the life of oil and other lubricant maintenance.

    Scrap tires casing are returned to manufacturer dealers for product recycling.


    Shop Rags are laundered and reused, no waste paper & rags entering the waste stream. Washrooms have high efficiency blown air hand dryers, no paper waste. Environmentally friendly hot water parts washer replaces solvent usage on large cleaning tasks. Hot water parts washer is only powered up when there is a parts washing task to complete. High efficiency 'screw' compressor installed. In floor heating for maintenance area. 100% recycled water used for trailer washing. Bulk fluids (lubes, coolant and shield wash) are purchased to reduce packaging & disposal of same.
    Company maintenance shops all have scrap metal containers for recycling.
    Enviro-tanks (double containment) have been installed at 4 shop locations for the efficient and safe collection of waste oil, which is used for recycling.
    Used oil filters are crushed to remove residuals and are part of the recycle plan.
    Service intervals have been extended to reduce waste oil and grease production.
    Used oil is sold back to the certified recyclers. One location burns the used oil as a floor heat supplement for the shop


    Canadian Freightways corporate office and Canadian Freightways’ Calgary Service Centre were constructed in 2007 with a focus on sustainability. Facility features that reduce the impact on the environment include: low-e glass, high efficiency boilers, high efficiency lighting and air sheds for trailer doors that eliminate 80% of cold air infiltration. Water consumption is reduced with irrigation for landscaping drawn off the site storm pond and the truck wash is designed to recycle and reuse water with approximately 30% make up.
    Offices participate in recycling paper and toner cartridges.
    IT Department donates all old telephones and batteries to Rogers who recycle the batteries and donate the telephones to a charitable organization. All used computers and printers are recycled.
    CF has over 1,500 customers who receive their freight invoices without having to print paper invoices and mail statements in envelopes. The freight billing information is sent the customers in a PDF format by email, or through EDI.
    A professional 3rd party asbestos survey was conducted at all CF sites and all asbestos containing materials identified in the survey have been removed.
    The company has conducted Phase 1 environmental assessments at 90% of its company owned and operated sites. Phase II environmental assessments have been conducted at eight company owned sites where underground fuel storage was previously used. None of the sites are under any regulatory or environmental remediation order.
    Several locations have replaced the forced air gas fired overhead dock heaters with lower cost and lower energy required infra red heaters.
    The last 6 company built facilities have infra red heaters as part of the building specifications. Other locations have upgraded to infra red heaters.
    2012 lighting upgrade completed at the Burnaby, BC Service Centre where all dock lighting was converted from 150/175/250 metal halide fixtures to new 4’ fluorescent T5 lamps.


    Alberta Energy Efficient Motor Vehicle Task Force
    AMTA Greenhouse Gas Coordinating Committee
    BC Ministry of Transport and BC Trucking Association Longer Combination Vehicle (LCV) Pilot Test - Canadian Freightways tested Rocky Mountain Doubles and then Turnpike Doubles on the Coquihalla highway between Vancouver and Kamloops/Kelowna. Other stakeholders in this project include the BC Automobile Association & RCMP. Both combinations are in full use today by Canadian Freightways.
    In 2009 application was initiated for Canadian Freightways to join the SmartWay® Transport Partnership program (Fleet Smart). CF has been accepted into the program at the highest level (1.25).
    Participating carrier in the 2007-2008 Alberta Renewable Diesel Demonstration.
    In 2011 Canadian Freightways application for the Trucks of Tomorrow Program was approved. This facilitated CF’s participation in the Alberta Environment initiative that saw the installation of Advanced Trailer Side Skirts onto 120 of the 53’ trailers in the fleet. Improved aerodynamics with an estimated benefit of 4.3% improved fuel economy.

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