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    All Risk Shipment Insurance*

    ● Protect your company against the financial cost of damage or loss
    ● Gain peace-of mind by selecting an insured amount that covers the value of your goods**.
    ● Better manage the financial risk of shipping fragile products
    ● Be confident that your coverage protects you from events outside your control
    ● Protect your shipments moving to all direct and non-direct points within the United States and Canada

    We offer All Risk insurance so you can be certain that your important shipments are fully protected. Gain peace of mind that you will receive full compensation for the value of your goods**, in the unlikely event that they are lost or damaged.

    A Custom Service

    All Risk Insurance is available upon request, at an additional charge.

    To Arrange All Risk Insurance Coverage for an Individual Shipment:

    ● Contact our Business Center at 1-800-561-5555 for a quote on an individual shipment.
    ● Once you have accepted the insurance we will fax you a Certificate of Insurance for your records that you then sign
      and fax back to our Business Center.
    ● Ready to ship? Call for a pick-up.
    ● Ensure that the Business Center quote number is marked on your Bill of Lading.

    To Arrange All Risk Insurance Coverage For All Your Shipments:

    Contact your Account Executive or the Business Center at 1-800-561-5555 to arrange for All Risk Insurance by lane, by customer or on all your shipments. We will arrange protection for all your shipments, with a simple one-time set-up.

    *A deductible and exclusions may apply depending on the type of commodity insured.

    ** Value of the goods represents the claimants cost of goods, not retail or invoiced price. To substantiate this the claimant is required to submit their suppliers invoice or manufacturing cost.

    Refer to All Risk Insurance Guidelines, as certain exceptions may apply.